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Financial Information

Over the four years documented below, Breaking Ground completed four construction projects, worked with seven distinct communities and positively impacted the lives of over 30,000 Cameroonians.


As you can see from this chart, 70% of Breaking Ground's funds have been used for direct project expenses. The other 30% goes towards the oversight, community engagement, planning and research necessary to ensure our projects are successful and sustainable.

The Volunteer Sustenance expenses date from our earlier model of sending volunteer Ground Coordinators to Cameroon. In 2010 we decided to move away from this model and to hire staff members, both in Cameroon and in the United States.

The salary of our Program Director is included in Project expenses as the majority of his time is spent directly managing construction projects or conducting training sessions. In 2010 he earned just under $4,000.

The salary of our Executive Director falls into the category of Office/Support. In 2010 the total cost of having a part time, U.S. based Executive Director was just under $7,000.

IRS 501(c)3 Letter of Determination
Project Evaluation Conducted April 2010

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