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Meet the Entrepreneurs

2012 Loan Recipients

One year after launching our Women's Entrepreneurial Program in Dschang, it is clear that all the hard work and planning really paid off. The women that Alex Moore, Executive Director met with during her most recent visit were eager to talk about the skills that they had learned and to share the ways that they had improved their businesses. 

Scroll down to meet a selection of our hardworking entrepreneurs who have earned loans this year, or visit our flickr page for even more photos.

Viviane Agnes Anezi is single mother of two children residing in Dschang. She used her 300 000 CFA loan for her store that sells jewlery, wicks, fragrances and handbags.


Colette Kopa is a married, 50 year old mother of seven children residing in Dschang.
Colette received a 400,000CFA grant to expand her sewing business. She moved to a prime location in Dschang's market and her business is booming.


Therèse Tonfack Dongmo is a married, 42 year old mother of four children. She resides in Dschang.
In this picture, she shows off a packet of her dried oyster mushrooms. She has successfully grown her business thanks to a 500,000 CFA loan from Breaking Ground.


Edwidge Flore opened a store selling seasonal items. She usually stocks fertilizer and insecticide and when business slows down at the end of the growing season, she also sells coffee.


Julienne Kengni makes soap, laundry detergent and body moisturizer from palm oil and perfumes. She will receive a 300,000 CFA loan to hire an employee and buy better equipment.


Justine Ndjanbong is a 48 year old, married mother of seven children residing in DSCHANG.
Thanks to a 250,000 CFA loan, Justine runs a small store out of her home selling food products. It is very successful and Justine hopes to expand in the near future.


2010-2011 Grant Recipients in Ngaoundéré

News Stand
Budget: 500,000 f CFA ($1110)

Fowo Louise is a Bamiléké woman from the village of Bandjoun. She supports four children as well as her little sister. In November 2009, Louise’s newspaper kiosk was closed down and destroyed by a delegate of the Ngaoundéré government. Since losing her job, she has been unable to pay the school fees for her sister, who is in high school, and cannot afford the cost of her children’s required extra tutoring. While Louise is married, her husband fails to contribute reliable income to the family. With her grant from Breaking Ground, Louise plans to reopen her newspaper business by renting a new space and purchasing newspapers and other materials.



Corn Flour
Budget: 225,000 f CFA ($500)

Hapsatou, a Fulani woman, is unmarried and lives with her mother. She is illiterate and makes do with small projects here and there. Besides her mother, who has limited means, Hapsatou alone looks out for herself. With her grant from Breaking Ground, she will start a business making and selling corn meal and flour. She will use the grant money to purchase corn in bulk.



Knitting of Baby Clothes

Budget: 200,000 f CFA ($445)

Madame Mamoudou is a married Fulani woman. She played a tremendously important role during the Women’s Entrepreneurial Program classes because she was able to eloquently and compassionately explain the difficult course material to her illiterate Fulani peers. Mamoudou strives to start a business knitting baby clothing. Her excellent performance in the class and the future success of her business will serve as important tools in attracting more Fulani women to the course, and will provide a positive example to the community of a Fulani woman asserting her confidence and competence. With her grant from Breaking Ground, Mamoudou purchased a knitting machine and yarn to launch her new business.



Bee Keeping ( 200 000f cfa)
Budget: 200,000 f CFA ($445)

Maya Lovelyne is a Meta woman from the Northwest Region of Cameroon. She is bright, courageous, and creative. She and her husband, who is a primary school teacher, have four children. She seeks to improve her entrepreneurial skills so that she can contribute income to the family and thus help support her family. With her grant from Breaking Ground, Maya expanded her business from 50 to 100 hives.


Hair Salon
Budget: 350,000 f CFA ($780)

Melanie Sona is a young and dynamic woman from the Southwest Region of Cameroon. She comes from a very poor family and a came to Ngaoundéré as a nanny. Though she never attended school and is illiterate, Melanie is currently undergoing training in a hair salon in the city. With her grant from Breaking Ground, Melanie plans to launch her own hair salon. She will use the funds to purchase hair dryers, women’s hair treatment products, towels, and hair extensions.



Hope Tailoring Service
Budget: 300,000 f CFA ($670)

Nchang Josephine is an Anglophone from the village of Santa in the Northwest Region of Cameoron. After her older brother was abandoned by his wife because she thought he was too poor, Josephine moved to Ngaoundéré to care for her brother’s baby. She now cares for the child as if she was his own mother. Though Josephine never received a formal education, she is a skilled seamstress. With no job and no husband, however, she cannot afford to purchase materials to open a sewing workshop. With her grant from Breaking Ground, Josephine purchased a sewing machine, fabric, and other materials needed to launch her business, Hope Tailoring Service.


Traditional Northwest Region Clothing
Budget: 300,000 f CFA ($670)

Madame Nkongsa is a Bafut woman from the Northwest Region of Cameroon. She is married and is responsible for numerous children despite the fact that she has no substantial income. With her grant from Breaking Ground, she will transport traditional clothing of the Northwest Region to the northern regions of Cameroon to sell. Her proposed business holds great value because it will support tourism, encourage a cultural exchange between the different ethnic groups of Cameroon, and permit a greater mutual understanding between these groups. Her project will not only contribute to the income of her family, but will also combat prejudice. Madame Nkongsa will use her grant money to purchase various forms of traditional clothing from the Northwest and transport her products to Ngaoundéré.



Grilled Fish
Budget: 350,000 f CFA ($780)

Tifuh Linda is from the Northwest Region village of Bali. She has four children, of whom one is an apprentice mechanic, two are enrolled in school, and one is still a baby. She came to Ngaoundéré to live with her brother, who has recently died. Without her brother, she has no one to assist her in caring for her family. With her grant from Breaking Ground, she plans to launch a business selling poisson braissé, grilled fish, a popular street food in Cameroon. She will use the grant money to purchase a refrigerator and her first order of fresh fish.