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Headed back to Cameroon

After more than three months of pouring myself, full-time, into my work with Breaking Ground, I am finally headed back to Cameroon. These past months have been full of administrative work: correspondence, fundraising, grant writing, and other paper work. The big news is that we received a grant from the Obakki Foundation to build the Keuleng Preschool and Community Center. Work is already underway, and in just over a week's time, enormous progress has been made. You can check out updates on the project on our website.

In addition to hearing about our projects, I've vowed to keep this blog updated while I'm traveling in Cameroon throughout the months of December and January. There's a lot of exciting work going on as I work to further establish Breaking Ground's capacity as an organization in Cameroon. I'll be reporting on my progress here, along with the various other anecdotes that inevitably come with travel.

Be well, and be in touch!

On est ensemble,

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