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A new chapter for Breaking Ground, and for me.

In August 2006, I returned from my work in Doumbouo, Cameroon and moved to Portland, Maine. Within weeks of my arrival in Portland, I was welcomed into the community of Waynflete School. For the past two years, I've taught middle school History (Cultural Geography) and French, and advised in the 7th grade. I've never truly known Portland outside of the context of my work at Waynflete.

Today, however, marks a new chapter in my life, and in the development of Breaking Ground. In acknowledgment of the time investment that Breaking Ground deserves for it to flourish, I've set out to work full-time as our Executive Director. I have several leads on possible funding to make this possible, but there's still a lot of uncertainty there.

To my colleagues and students at Waynflete: Thank you for all your laughter, enthusiasm, and support. I'll miss you!

On est ensemble (Together),

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