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President Biya: "Agriculture Is Our Wealth."

Earlier this month, Program Director Paul Zangue, attended the National Agro-Pastoral Conference in Ebolowa. The event was the first of its kind since 1988.

This conference showcased Cameroon's agricultural potential and provided an opportunity for farmers and law makers to discuss plans for the future.  President Paul Biya gave the keynote speech, in which he expressed the need to increase Cameroon's productivity, especially sugar and  palm oil.  He outlined the various challenges faced by Cameroonian farmers, all of which sounded very familiar: poor roads for transporting crops, low yields, and lack of access to improved, high yield strains.

President Biya pledged financial support to the modernization of Cameroon's agricultural sector.  We only hope that his support takes into account the advice of the Rainforest Alliance, and goes towards financing sustainable, environmentally sound programs, that empower the farmers.

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