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An exciting time for Breaking Ground

It may sound cliché to say, but this is an exciting time for Breaking Ground and I am lucky to be stepping into the organization at this moment. For me, the opportunity to lead Breaking Ground represents a way to be a part of creating change, in both Cameroon and the U.S. As we collectively work to build and strengthen communities in Cameroon, it's equally as important to make sure that we are building a strong and collaborative organization in the States. I see Breaking Ground’s work as a bridge between an intentional, healthy nonprofit and the many motivated, skillful Cameroonian communities.  

There is always a lot of work ahead and I am thrilled to be able to start this transition with Alex in Cameroon. I can think of no better way to learn about Breaking Ground’s work and partnerships than to do so in person with her and Paul and everyone else who has been doing so much of this meaningful work. It’s important for me to take the role of listener, learner, and observer to grasp as much as I can while there so I can return to the States and continue to build on the momentum that has been generated since the organization began. None of this work can be done alone and I look forward to partnering, collaborating, and reaching out to you all for your support. In the meantime, follow along as Alex and I spend the rest of June in Cameroon together with Paul. 

--Kierstyn Hunter

Reader Comments (2)

Welcome, Kierstyn, and best wishes to you, Alex and Paul, as you meet the beautiful peoples of Cameroon. If we can assist with anything, then please ask. I'll make a donation tonight to celebrate your coming and to give thanks for Alex's tenure too!

Thanks so much, Clint! We had such a great trip and your gift is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

July 17, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKierstyn Hunter

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