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      Turn local dreams into sustainable solutions.


Breaking Ground believes in finding sustainable solutions to local dreams - we believe that a community project can only effectively address the needs of a population if it is conceived, planned, and implemented by the community for whom it is intended.  Today, we work with Cameroonians in several domains, including agricultural investment, women's entrepreneurial classes, and a girls' soccer program.

Furthermore, we believe that a project’s long-term sustainability is reliant on the deep-seated investment of the local population. This investment cannot be fostered through the work of a foreign entity, like ourselves, but must develop organically through a collective recognition of the identified problem and a commitment to solve it. 


 In lieu of a compactor, students in Doumbouo dance to prepare their floors for cementing. More videos >



Welcome to Breaking Ground

Cameroonians know best what their own communities need. Breaking Ground is a non-profit
organization that is committed to grassroots action, sustainability, and community empowerment.

Through networks of friends, families, co-workers, and even perfect strangers, we raise money to support sustainable, community-based projects in Cameroon. Learn More about our work.

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