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Mission & Objectives 

We envision a Cameroon in which communities are independently able to address their most basic, pressing needs. This can only happen by empowering motivated Cameroonian communities with the resources they need to achieve their own solutions. We seek out these communities after they have independently prioritized a need, collectively decided upon a solution to that need, and have begun actively working towards achieving that solution, but whose progress is held up by a lack of funding.

With the support of our donors, Breaking Ground partners with Cameroonians to achieve lasting solutions to their self-identified needs by investing in local knowledge, empowering women, and promoting economic development.

Breaking Ground takes three approaches to our work: 

Community Partnership Program: 
We provide seed funding to projects of mobilized communities to further their development.

Investing in Agriculture:
We provide training and resources to increase the ability of individuals and families to earn money through their primary income-generating activities, such as growing coffee or cocoa or processing palm oil, better enabling them to invest in their own local initiatives.

Women's Empowerment: 
Our Women's Entrepreneurial Program provides women with critical business skills and the confidence to put them to use. Breaking Ground Football helps girls and young women build confidence, independence, and respect for their peers of different ethnicities.

The Cameroonian landscape is brimming with communities who are motivated to make positive changes in their communities but lack the funds to make it happen. This is where you can make a difference. Through strategic partnerships and your help, Breaking Ground supports these initiatives with seed funding and runs programs to help the community improve their own income generation so they can better support these projects themselves.

As bricks are laid on projects like schools, clinics, and clean water sources, neighboring communities come to see that the progress they've imagined is possible. The hope instilled by our projects is contagious, and that alone is a powerful antidote to poverty.